The Weekend
Here's a great intro video to an EE weekend.

Catholic Engaged Encounter is an investment in the future. A weekend in which an atmosphere is created for each couple to concentrate exclusively on one another, free of the tensions, pressures and interruptions of daily living.

It is a quiet weekend, specifically designed to give a couple planning marriage an opportunity to talk honestly and intensively about their future together.

The weekend consists of a series of presentations.  Led by a team of married couples and sometimes a Priest, the engaged couple is encouraged to talk privately with each other on many aspects of marriage, always from the viewpoint of their own relationship.

The weekend begins on Saturday morning, couples leave the retreat late Saturday night, go home to sleep, and return Sunday morning to complete their weekend.  When registering for a weekend, please keep the weekend format as well as the start day and time in mind to ensure the weekend works for you and that you can arrive on time.

Among the subjects couples will have an opportunity to discuss with each other are their ambitions, goals, attitudes; about God, money, sex, children, and family; about their strengths and weaknesses, and about their role in their Church and society. Personal reflection and discussion as a couple are the main focus of the weekend.

Marriage can be understood in its cycles of romance, disillusionment, and true joy, culminating in unity. Through this weekend couples get to know each other more deeply, and learn ways of communication that can be used throughout their lives.

The couples are encouraged to communicate in terms of planning a marriage, not only a wedding day celebration, afterall "a wedding is a day, a marriage is a lifetime."